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Comprehensive Track Assessment Data and Visualizations

Central Command

The Rail-Inspector web portal provides railroad stakeholders with 24/7 access to detailed track inspection and track health data. The portal features an intuitive web interface for managing aerial imagery sets, visualizing results and downloading the results databases.

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Visual & Insightful

The web portal provides a variety of ways to interact with the wealth of data generated by the Rail-Inspector software. Reviewers can start with the map view to quickly get a visual indication of areas of concern and then utilize other views and tools to dig deeper — right down to the pixel level — to better understand the data. 

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Web Portal Overview

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Results Database

While the web portal provides interactive access to select visual and quantitative data, the comprehensive set of data generated by Rail-Inspector is also available in the form of a downloadable relational database. The image below provides an indication of the level of detail that is available for post-processing and review.

Business Integrations

The comprehensive Rail-Inspector results are contained in relational databases that can be easily integrated with your business processes or 3rd party tools.

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