Supported Payloads

What Rail-Inspector Requires for processing

Proven Payloads

In order to extract meaningful data from aerial imagery, there exist certain requirements for the data collection platform and the methodology by which the platform captures the imagery. The platforms and payloads described below have been proven to deliver the imagery and metadata in the form and specifications necessary for processing by Ardenna’s AI-based algorithms. The platforms are not the only platforms that can be used and we welcome the opportunity to build-out a larger library of suitable vehicles.

Latitude HQ-60


DJI Mavic2 Zoom

System Requirements

We work closely with our customers and flight service providers to ensure the proper match between the detections required and the platform components and data collection methodology. Rail owners interested in highly accurate gage measurements will require a LiDAR unit to capture accurate altitude. Rail owners interested in joint bar assessment will require an offset image capture methodology in addition to the NADIR capture methodology.



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